Press Kit

“BAH RAM YOU! #NerdGenSka. Music for the millennials and beyond.” – Mike Fasano (Drums: Tiger Army)

BAH RAM YOU is a high energy 7 piece nerd-ska-punk band from Los Angeles, CA. Formed in 2011, BAH RAM YOU has played with various acts such as Misfits, Agent Orange, Voodoo Glowskulls, Social Distortion, and The Skeletones. They also showcased their award wining single ‘Blizzard Through the Years’ live at BlizzCon 2017 for 35,000 attendees and 850,000 unique DirectTV viewers in 150 different countries across the world. The gang is currently promoting their third studio release and critically acclaimed EP “Don’t Kid Yourself, Kid”.


“Truly committed and dedicated to their music.” – Sergio Chavez (Producer: Maple Sound Studios)